Naughti Gras 16!

Coming Soon: Naughti Gras 16: February 10th and 11th

Call For Art

As we begin to make plans for Naughti Gras 16, Koken Art Factory’s one of a kind Art and Entertainment Event, we are excited to announce our “Call For Art” invite to new and past Artists. Be a part of this fun and exciting event. After a few off season Naughti events, it’s back to Mardi Gras Season in freezing, fabulous, February; let’s put on the greatest Naughti Gras show to date!

Patrons can expect titillating entertainment, music, and art. We are seeking Erotic art in all forms and styles. You can begin creating your unique work portraying the playful, sultry, or provocative side of art. Just about anything goes!  We are simply looking for tasteful erotic artwork.

Details will soon be posted on how and when to submit your work for consideration. In the meantime, Save The Date and start creating!

Naughti Gras 16/ The St Louis Erotic Art Show

February 10th and 11th, 2023