Parking For Naughti Gras 12

Dear Naughti Gras Artists, Performers and Koken friends,

We wanted to make it known ahead of time of the parking situation for Naughti Gras 12.  In past years we have always been able to accommodate many patrons by offering parking in the lot across the street from the Koken Art Factory.  In early 2018, that property sold but we were still granted permission to use the lot.  Much to our surprise, this past week, the new owners began the first stages of the new development and first order of business was to fence off the parking lot.

There will only be street parking available this year for Naughti Gras. 

Though there is quite a bit of street parking available, we also want to encourage to Carpool, use Uber, Lyft or Taxi services.  We are offering a discounted ride through Lyft if you intend on leaving between 10:00 and 11:30. Click the following link to learn more about the opportunity.

As always, we have hired Security to patrol the streets, making sure everyone gets to and from the venue safely.   In addition, these officers will be riding in oversized golf carts to provide you a courtesy ride to the venue.   Please be respectful of the residential street sides and try to avoid parking in front of homes.

The street offering the most parking is on Ohio Ave. Parking on Ohio stretches from Gravois to Geyer. These are long blocks but there will be golf carts zipping back and forth for you to hopefully catch and get a ride to the venue.

Please see the attached map and note the highlighted red side streets that will be available.  Again, try to avoid parking in front of homes.

Thank you for your understanding, Tim and Dee Ayres