Important Information for Naughti Gras 16

Professional Cameras are not allowed. Only cell phones allowed. Any professional cameras will be taken and returned at the end of the evening.

This is a Credit Card only event with the exception for Vendors and various small expenditures such as for coat check. Coat Check is $2.00

Parking for Naughti Gras 16

Parking for Naughti Gras 16 will only be street parking available this year for Naughti Gras. 

Though there is quite a bit of street parking available, we also want to encourage to Carpool, use Uber, Lyft or Taxi services. 

As always, we have hired Security to patrol the streets, making sure everyone gets to and from the venue safely.   In addition, these officers will be riding in oversized golf carts to provide you a courtesy ride to the venue.   Please be respectful of the residential street sides and try to avoid parking in front of homes.

The street offering the most parking is on Ohio Ave. Parking on Ohio stretches from Gravois to Geyer. These are long blocks but there will be golf carts zipping back and forth for you to hopefully catch and get a ride to the venue.

Please see the attached map and note the highlighted red side streets that will be available.  Again, try to avoid parking in front of home

Event Space

The Gallery

The Gallery is a large open space that is great for all kinds of events. Art Shows, weddings, yoga and fitness classes; just to name a few!

The Gallery

The Bar and Reception Room

The Reception Room is a cozy area with a nice built-in bar and band area.

The Bar and Reception Room

The Koken Cafe

A bright room with a bar and small commercial commissary; the Cafe is perfect for small events or business meetings.

The Cafe

Studio Space

With over 150,000 sq ft, we have art studios of all different sizes.

Hendrick Ptasiewiczz has been a studio tenant since 2011 and is a well known and respected artist in the St. Louis Art Community.

Contact Us today to preview the available studio space.


The Koken Art Factory is located at 2500 Ohio Avenue in beautiful South City St. Louis. Long and short term leasing is available for entrepreneurs and small to mid sized businesses in addition to event space rental. Ample parking is available on and off street in addition to multiple options for event locations on the premises.  Thank you for stopping by, we hope to see you at an event soon or host your event!

Call Us @ 314-771-9000 or via the form below.